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The Lauritzen family has lived and worked on and around the Delta waters in the Antioch - Rio Vista area for more than 100 years.

In 1905 Chris Lauritzen, Sr. and his brother purchased a 32-foot boat to ferry passengers from Rio Vista to Antioch. The ferry service soon added regular trips from Antioch to Stockton and Sacramento with stops at all the major islands in between. At one point they had a fleet of seven boats ferrying passengers and freight throughout the Delta area.

The ferry operation was so successful that the builders of the original bridge in the 1920s chose to build the bridge near the site of the Lauritzen Ferry Terminal. The State later bought the ferry site after the bridge was built because many of the local residents preferred the safety and security of the ferry to the high bridge. The ferry was later moved up river and operated by the Lauritzen family between Webb Tract, Bradford and Jersey Islands until 1960.

Chris Lauritzen Sr. and his family often involved themselves in public service works when tragedy struck. After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake they ferried passengers across the Bay from San Francisco to Oakland. Many times they have worked to reclaim Delta islands after levee breaks.

The ferry boat wheelhouse shown on the home page, is that of the Ferry Victory 1. It plied the waters of the San Joaquin River transporting cars from mainland Antioch to Sherman island where the Antioch Bridge is now.

Today the Harbor is operated by Christian A. Lauritzen III and his sister Margaret


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