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The central contact point for advance notice is the Rio Vista Bridge
Sacramento River Phone Regulations
Rio Vista Bridge
(707) 374-2134 24
Isleton Bridge
Walnut Grove Bridge
Painterville Bridge
Freeport Bridge
Tower Bridge
SPRR - I Street Bridge
Knights Landing Bridge
Meridian Bridge
(916) 741-4391 A12
 Turner Cut Bridge
(209) 464-1243 24
3 Mile Slough Bridge
(707) 374-2134 24
Georgianna Slough Bridges    
 Walnut Grove Bridge
(707) 374-2134 S16-W8-A4
 Tyler Island Bridge
The Rest of the Delta    
Lindsey Slough Bridge
(707) 374-2134 A72
Orwood RR Bridge
Victoria Is. Bridge (Middle River)
Grant Line Canal Bridge
(209) 468-3704 A12
Bacon Is. Bridge (Middle River)
Sante Fe Ry. Br. (Middle R.)
(510) 516-7659 A12
Daggett Rd. (Burns Cutoff)
(209) 944-0244 A48
Mokelumne River Bridge
(707) 374-2134 S16-W8-A4
Millers Ferry Bridge
(209) 468-3074 S8E-A12
Deadhorse Island Bridge
(510) 437-3514 CG
New Hpoe Landing
Snodgrass Sl. Hwy. Bridge
(916) 366-2911 A24
Little Potato Sl. Bridge
(209) 360-6101 A4
King Island Cut Bridge
(209) 468-3074 A12
Honker Cut Bridge
Steamboat Slough Bridge
(707) 374-2134 S16-A4
Connection Slough Bridge
Miner Slough Bridge


24 Bridgetender service 24 hours/day
A4 4 hours advance notice required
A12 12 hours advance notice required
A48 48 hours advance notice required
A72 72 hours advance notice required
CG Only required to open when
directed by the Coast Guard
S8 Summer service 9am-5pm;
May 15th to Oct 31st (8 hours)
S8E Summer service 9am-5pm;
May 1st to Oct 31st (8 hours)
S16 Summer service 6am-10pm;
May 1st to Oct 31st (16 hours)
W8 Winter service 9am-5pm;
Nov. 1st to April 30th (8 hours)
W8H Winter Service 9am-5pm;Thursday~Monday,
Sept. 16th to May 14th
The following Bridges are closed:
Sacramento River: Colusa Bridge, Butte City Bridge, Bridges above Chico Landing

San Joaquin River: USN Bridge (Charter Way), Santa Fe Ry. Bridge, Garwood Bridge (hwy4), SPRR Bridge (Lathrop), USH 50 Bridges (lathrop), WPRR Bridge (Lathrop)

Other Closed Bridges: Victoria Is. Bridge (Middle River)., Bridges above New Hope Landing, American River Bridge, Sutter Slough Bridge.

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